The Foundry


"An atmosphere o' fun with th' precision training of a circus aerialist!"
—Alviso Bill

Our good friend Alviso Bill has accurately described the calvalcade of fonts forthcoming from us over here at the Font Circus.

Of course, just like the trapeze artist, it takes a lot of training before a font is ready for it's debut performance under the big top. Before we allow any of our fonts to perform on the page we take them through a rigorous training program checking their kerning pairs and adjusting their leading so that their performance is absolutly flawless.

Concession Stand

Want to purchase one of our fonts for your very own? Our concession stand will soon be open.

Command Performances

Looking for a unique Font Circus font of your very own? Command performances are available for your special projects and needs. email the Ringmaster and he will gladly discuss how we can create a custom typeface just for you.

~ Ringmaster Rob